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Apr 30 2020

Security Solutions When Kids are Home Alone

With schools remaining closed until fall, 2020 is a unique year for Ohio families. Parents who are mandated to return to onsite work before school starts will need all the support they can get to ensure their kids are safe at home, whether they’re staying alone or with a caregiver. The good news is, we offer some of that support in the form of home security technology. Whether you’re an existing customer or you’re new to home security, we strongly recommend augmenting your alarm system with smart video cameras. Here’s what this technology can do.

Apr 15 2020

Home Security During Quarantine: Helping Families Keep their Connections

In this time of quarantine, we’re all looking for ways to stay better connected to the people we love. There’s lots of technology that can help, and that even includes home security technology. Here are some products and services you may wish to implement.

Mar 15 2020

When an Intruder Smashes Your Panel

If an intruder breaks into your house and smashes the security panel to disable it, can your system still defend your home? If your system has crash and smash protection, the answer is yes. Let’s look at what this type of break-in is, and how the crash and smash protection we offer can outwit criminals who attempt it.
Image Sensor

Mar 2 2020

Adding an Image Sensor to Your System

Engaging, high definition photos are the minimum expectation now, on social media and elsewhere. Fortunately, that’s exactly what your home security system can deliver straight to your phone or email. It's what’s possible if you add on an image sensor, which is a device available for our home security systems.
Best Security Camera

Feb 4 2020

Getting the Best Security Camera Tech for Your Home

When the number of brands competing for your business seems infinite, how you can you narrow down your choices in home security camera technology? This rule of thumb may help: It’s not necessarily the brand that makes the difference. Much of the time, it’s the platform.
Home Automation

Jan 22 2020

Automating Home Life in 2020

For busy families, one New Year’s resolution may be to enjoy every moment of the day. Many of us are relying on technology to help us do this – and now, there’s home automation technology that does it better than ever. If you haven’t automated your home life yet, make 2020 the year you make the shift. Here’s what you can look forward to once you do that.
Large Luxury home

Jan 20 2020

Radon Gas Can Infiltrate Any Home. Here’s What You Need To Know.

Do you know what the second-leading cause of lung cancer is? After cigarette smoking, it’s prolonged exposure to radon gas. Much like deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, radon is unable to be seen or smelled. Unless they have their homes tested, many people don’t know this silent killer is living with them until it’s too late.

Dec 27 2019

Let Smart Home Security Help Welcome Your Holiday Guests This Winter

Whether it’s Christmas guests or those staying with you to ring in the New Year, playing the hostess is a huge deal. You want your guests to feel comfortable and welcome, and smart home security has some high-tech ways to help them feel at home in your house.

Dec 20 2019

The Essential Features You Need to Look for When Shopping for a Smart Security System Over the Holidays

The time is right to buy a smart home security system, and you’re looking for the perfect one for your home and family. Before you purchase a system, make sure it has these essential features and benefits.

Dec 15 2019

How Smart Home Security Can Save You Stress Over the Holiday Season

The holiday season brings all the joy and cheer of fun festivities and family dinners. But there’s also stress from package stealing burglars to cold winter weather. Luckily, today, we have smart home security to reduce stress and bring the fun back into the holiday season.

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