The Essential Features You Need to Look for When Shopping for a Smart Security System Over the Holidays

The time is right to buy a smart home security system, and you’re looking for the perfect one for your home and family. Before you purchase a system, make sure it has these essential features and benefits.

24/7 Tech Support is Necessary

You may be tempted to run out and buy separate connected components and install them yourself to save money. Installing and configuring them may become your worst nightmare, much less getting all the devices and apps to work together.

Choose an authorized dealer to customize the best system for your home and family. They’ll install the security system quickly, usually in one day. Plus, you’ll get ongoing technical support 24/7. You can call anytime you have a problem — something you can’t do when you install a system yourself. Professional installation will save you money in the long run because you’ll probably still need help from a security integrator to get the system you installed working.

Purchase a System Easy to Use

There’s a huge difference between smart home connected security and traditional security systems. Older systems are difficult to operate, and homeowners sometimes give up and discontinue using the system. There may be numerous false alarms if people forget the codes, and disarming the alarm with your hands full isn’t easy. Also, if you forget to arm the alarm, it won’t notify you like smart home security does.

A smart home security system keeps you connected to your home no matter where you are using the alarm app on your smartphone. The system will send you alerts when you forget things at home, such as shutting the garage door, setting the alarm, or locking the front door. You can pull up video footage from your security cameras at home to see what’s going on and it’s easy to share with law enforcement or others if security events occur.

The app makes your life so much easier, helps you manage home systems, and determine if threats detected are legitimate.

Proactively Protect Your Family

A good system watches over you and your family 24/7. It detects threats and sends an alert to you and a 24/7 monitoring center. The monitoring center verifies the threat and sends emergency services if necessary. Meanwhile, you can do what you need to because you know that help is on the way.

The system sends the alert using a cellular signal. This connection can’t be disabled like systems using traditional phone lines. In case of a fire, the smart smoke detectors send a notification to the alarm company monitoring station while alerting the smart thermostat to shut the HVAC system off. With the HVAC system off, deadly fumes don’t circulate around the house before you can escape with your family.

When you shop for a smart home security system this Christmas, keep these features and benefits in mind. They’ll help you make the best choice to protect your family for years to come.

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