How More Young Professionals Are Using Home Security

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There’s a fascinating trend taking place among young professionals buying homes: turning to home security systems to complete their home ownership experience. After the rescue dog is adopted and the art is on the wall, these young homeowners are making home security technology next on the priority list. Why is that?

Chances are, it has less to do with “turning into their parents” – and more to do with the fact that today’s home security is lightyears ahead of the home security their parents raised them with. Here’s what seems to be drawing young professionals to home security systems.

Responses to Criminal Threats

Millennials get a bad rap from time to time; the truth is, young professionals are practical and proactive. They want home security systems to detect criminal threats, with 24/7 alarm monitoring that responds to those threats from a central station monitoring center. That’s where trained security professionals are standing by to provide assistance if the customer’s alarm is triggered. Young homeowners are comfortable enough with technology to trust this system to work as it was intended.

Reduced Criminal Threats

Educated young professionals also know this: In the long run, owning a home security system can actually reduce criminal threats across the board. They know that if their entire block gets on board with home security the way they did, then local thieves and troublemakers will eventually come to understand that this is a block not to be messed with – thereby elevating the safety of the entire neighborhood.

Evidence of Criminal Threats

Young homeowners have a lot to lose: a down payment, a new asset, and lots of high value purchases inside. If someone dares to compromise the security of those important things, a young professional wants evidence of the act so they can hold the criminal accountable. Home video surveillance provides that evidence, with many different options available to fit budgets ranging from barista to business owner. The footage can be viewed on demand, so the homeowner can see what happened whenever it’s necessary. Clips can also be downloaded and sent to law enforcement. This is the best way to make sure a break-in doesn’t go unnoticed.

Young professionals buying their first homes understand the value of home security, and homeowners of all ages can learn from that. No matter your age range, you can learn more about home security systems by calling Wain Security. We will be happy to give you more information.

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