How Smart Home Security Can Save You Stress Over the Holiday Season

The holiday season brings all the joy and cheer of fun festivities and family dinners. But there’s also stress from package stealing burglars to cold winter weather. Luckily, today, we have smart home security to reduce stress and bring the fun back into the holiday season.

Prevent Package Theft

An intelligent home security system, video doorbell, and smart locks help secure your home and property as well as keep porch pirates away. These thieves prowl residential streets searching for visible packages on porches. It’s stressful when you know an important Christmas present is on the way but don’t know when it will be delivered or if you’ll be home to receive it.

With smart home security, when the delivery man presses your doorbell, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone. You can speak to them through the app and the best part is you can see them, but they can’t see you. Tell them where to set the package or unlock your front door and tell the delivery person to place the package inside. Once they step back out on the porch, you can re-lock your front door.

Stressful Vacation Preparation

When you’re planning an out of town trip to visit relatives for the holiday, there’s a lot that you need to do. It’s easy to forget to set the alarm or shut the garage door in a rush to get on the road. Your intelligent security system notifies you of things that aren’t secure at home and you can correct the problem through the alert on your smartphone. So, you can arm the alarm and shut the garage door without having to turn around and go back home.

Your security system also deters crime while you’re gone because most burglars don’t like alarm systems. One study illustrated that many burglars pick a different target if the first one had some type of security system. So, with security cameras on your property, you show criminals that someone is always watching your house.

These are just a couple of examples of how smart home security reduces your stress over the holidays. If you don’t have a security system or need to upgrade yours contact a security integrator today.

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