Let Smart Home Security Help Welcome Your Holiday Guests This Winter

Whether it’s Christmas guests or those staying with you to ring in the New Year, playing the hostess is a huge deal. You want your guests to feel comfortable and welcome, and smart home security has some high-tech ways to help them feel at home in your house.

Make It Easy for Guests to Access Your Home Wi-Fi

Today, just about everyone has a connected smart device, so access to Wi-Fi is critical. Wi-Fi helps your guests save on data and surf the web faster. Leave a note with the Wi-Fi password on it in the guestroom, so they have easy access to it. That way, they won’t feel bad for asking for it.

Install a Remote Temperature Sensor in the Guest Bedroom to Regulate the Temperature

You probably don’t go in the spare room often except to get it ready for guests. So, you may not notice that the temperature is too cold or warm. Put a temperature sensor in the bedroom and other rooms in the house. Then set your smart thermostat to adjust the temperature to the average of all the sensors in your home. It makes sure that all the rooms feel comfortable as the thermostat compensates for the difference in temperatures.

Create a Welcome Basket for Guests

Create a welcome basket with extras that your guests might need, such as a spare set of headphones and a phone charger. Make sure they have easy access to an electrical outlet to plug everything in, and you have a mini-charging station. This basket is probably a good place to put the Wi-Fi password as well. It’s the little things that make guests feel welcome.

Assign Unique User Codes to Each of Your Guests

While your guests are in town, there might be days that you have to work, and they may have other people to visit. Instead of hassling with passing spare keys out to your guests, assign them unique security user codes so they can come and go as they please. Set the codes to expire the day they leave town and program the security system to send you alerts whenever they use their codes. You’ll know when someone’s at the house and that they got back safely from outings.

The holiday season is all about cherishing time with family and friends. Let your smart home security system help you welcome guests and be the best host ever.

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