Security Solutions When Kids are Home Alone

With schools remaining closed until fall, 2020 is a unique year for Ohio families. Parents who are mandated to return to onsite work before school starts will need all the support they can get to ensure their kids are safe at home, whether they’re staying alone or with a caregiver. The good news is, we offer some of that support in the form of home security technology. Whether you’re an existing customer or you’re new to home security, we strongly recommend augmenting your alarm system with smart video cameras. Here’s what this technology can do.

Monitor Your Front Door

Smart cameras are equipped with motion sensors, which means they only record when someone is near them. With a smart camera installed at your front door, you’ll receive an alert to your phone every time motion is detected. Tap on the alert to immediately view the video clip; you’ll see who was on your porch and whether your children opened the door to them.
Parents can use front door cameras to monitor all kinds of activity, including whether the kids are:

  • Leaving the house
  • Walking the dog
  • Having friends over
  • Ordering in food
  • Answering the door
  • Bringing in deliveries

For working parents concerned about what goes on while they’re away, a front door camera is a great way to get some peace of mind.

Watch Over Indoor Activity

When younger kids are home alone or a sitter is taking care of everyone, closer monitoring may be needed. Many parents choose to add on indoor smart cameras to see how children are spending their time. Whether they’re playing, watching TV or doing at-home schooling, you can see what’s going on with a tap of your alert. If there’s a sitter providing care, an indoor camera is a great way to make sure everything is going smoothly.

As an additional measure, some parents choose to install cameras near the prohibited areas of the home: gun safes, liquor cabinets, home offices and garages. An indoor smart camera can be a solution for a variety of child safety concerns.

In these unprecedented times, you need home security technology on your side. At Wain Security, we’re committed to providing the support you need. For questions on smart home cameras and other products or services, please call us today.

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