Getting the Best Security Camera Tech for Your Home

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When the number of brands competing for your business seems infinite, how you can you narrow down your choices in home security camera technology? This rule of thumb may help: It’s not necessarily the brand that makes the difference. Much of the time, it’s the platform.

The platform is the backbone of the camera system that helps you control all your home security functions. In today’s mobile culture, you want a platform that allows you to control these functions easily with an app on your smartphone. That way, you can look out for the security of your home and family no matter where you are. Here’s what you would be able to do with the right home security camera platform. 

View your home security video from any device.

Sure, your smartphone may be the most common device – but with a home security camera system that uses live stream technology, you can watch your video events from a variety of devices. That means whether you’re sitting on the couch with your tablet, tethered to your desktop at work, or on the treadmill using your Apple Watch, you can check on your home security video. Talk about making life easier!

Send you intelligent alerts when video is recorded.

Because your system uses motion detection to activate its recording function, you want it to send you alerts as soon as a recording is made. However, you may also wish to be discerning about which alerts you receive. That’s another reason having the right platform is key. You want a system that’s intelligent enough to be programmed for the events you choose, and filter out events that don’t matter so much. That’s home security camera tech that puts you in control.

Take a more dynamic approach to defending your home.

In past generations, it was possible for homeowners to scare intruders away with a simple home security sign in the yard. But in 2020, protecting your home from break-ins requires a deeper investment. Having the cameras is simply not enough. Having the cameras connect with your other security devices, like your alarm and smart locks, is the best place to start. When all your security technology is joined together, you’re taking a much more dynamic approach to protecting your home and family.

To learn more about getting the best security camera tech for your home, call Wain Security. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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