Adding an Image Sensor to Your System

Image Sensor

Engaging, high definition photos are the minimum expectation now, on social media and elsewhere. Fortunately, that’s exactly what your home security system can deliver straight to your phone or email. It’s what’s possible if you add on an image sensor, which is a device available for our home security systems.

What is an image sensor?

An image sensor is a smart device that can be integrated with your home security system. It combines motion sensor technology with a still shot camera. It’s the same interactive capability you get with video security, but in a still image format. Just like video, the image sensor can perceptively detect activity in the room where it’s placed and send you the image via text or email. Why choose this over video? For some, the instantaneous deliver of a still image is more convenient and less disruptive. Think meetings, driving, dates…any event where you need a home check-in to be quicker and more quiet than video, but equally effective.

What event should you program the image sensor for?

When the image sensor takes a photo is up to you. One plan is to set it up for precise times of day – whenever the events you need to check tend to happen. For example, you may program it to capture images at:

  • Their kids’ afterschool arrival time
  • The time the dog walker is scheduled to come by
  • Your housekeeper’s weekly start or stop time

One way to make the most of an image sensor in your home security system is to use it instead of video supervise caregivers. It’s a less invasive way to check on sitters, and you can still get the peace of mind you need.

Are there other ways to use an image sensor?

Yes! Programming your system to take photos at certain times is just one approach. Because of the motion detection technology, you can also program it to capture images triggered by movement – or, when any of your other smart security devices (like the door contact sensor or smart lock) are activated. If your system doesn’t include those devices and you’re interested in learning more, let us know.

The image sensor is a great addition to your smart home security system. To inquire about incorporating it in yours, call Wain Security today. We look forward to assisting you.

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