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Dec 9 2019

A More Peaceful Holiday with Smart Home Security

We all know how stressful the holidays can be, and how that stress detracts from quality time with our loved ones. But reducing those stresses means managing a multitude of small details, those unruly time robbers that add up far too quickly. Is it even possible? With home automation, the answer is a resounding, yes.
Smart Home Gifts

Nov 26 2019

Amazing Smart Home Gifts This Holiday Season

Look for gift ideas for the smart homeowner who has everything? What about a popular smart speaker or other connected devices for a fun new way to interact with their home? Here’s a brief look at some popular smart connected devices that make a smart home even better.
Thanksgiving Kitchen Safety Tips

Nov 19 2019

Critical Kitchen Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving Day

Every year the fire department responds to more than double the residential fires than any other day of the year. Seventy-seven percent of them originate from cooking. So, don’t be a statistic and follow these simple tips for the best Thanksgiving ever.
Smart Home Video Surveillance

Nov 5 2019

Smart Home Video Surveillance and Security Camera Basics For Beginners

Smart home security systems let you monitor your home and property no matter where you are. But you may be intimidated if you’re new to smart home security cameras and video. There are several things you need to know to pick the right system and equipment for your family’s needs.
The Scariest Home On The Block

Oct 25 2019

The Scariest Home On The Block (For Burglars Anyway)

Halloween’s full of spooks, zombies, and black cats galore, but the creepiest thing lurking in the dark is a burglar. But you know what scares burglars and vandals? Getting caught. A smart home security system is the cause of nightmares for criminals and makes them take their business elsewhere. Here are a few ways to spook a burglar or miscreant.

Oct 21 2019

Three Of The Video Doorbell’s Smart Security Features

The video doorbell is one of America’s favorite security products because of the nifty features it offers. It acts as the sentinel of your property with its three-in-one functions; a video camera, doorbell, and two-way communication device.
An Intelligent Checklist for Smart Home Security Parents

Sep 19 2019

An Intelligent Checklist for Smart Home Security Parents

The kids will be home alone some after school if you’re a working parent. However, you’ve got it covered with your smart home security system, here's how...
Let Smart Home Security Help You Remember the Important Things This Fall

Sep 7 2019

Let Smart Home Security Help You Remember the Important Things This Fall

Smart home security makes your life easier by reminding you of the important things and helping you run your house efficiently.

Aug 28 2019

8 Tips For Back to School from the Connected Smart Home

With life getting increasingly busy and more mobile, using smart home technologies to simplify daily routines just makes sense. Here are some ways you can use your home security and home automation systems to make the daily school routine a breeze.

Aug 8 2019

Why Integrated Security Is The Best Investment You Can Make

Security systems evolve according to new threats. Businesses are always trying to stay ahead of potential threats that can put staff and customers at risk as well as risk-prolonged disruptions in the carrying out of daily business. Here are four trending security advancements businesses are using to stay ahead of the game.

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