An Intelligent Checklist for Smart Home Security Parents

An Intelligent Checklist for Smart Home Security Parents

Fall brings new schedules, different routines, and means the kids will be home alone some after school if you’re a working parent. However, you’ve got it covered with your smart home security system. Here’s a brief checklist on intelligent security features to use this fall.

You Have Control Over Access to Your House

Traditional locks with keys mean making multiple copies of the keys for family members and hiding a spare outside. Burglars know the most common places to look for spare keys outside and don’t fool yourself with the mindset, “it won’t happen to me.”

Smart locks and a video doorbell integrate with your system so that you can use access codes to get into your house instead of keys. If someone forgets their key, all they have to do is ring the video doorbell, and you can unlock the door with the app on your phone. You have total control over who enters your house, even when the alarm isn’t set. Fewer keys equal less worrying.

Install a Smart Thermostat

It’s great when your smart home security system can not only secure your home but save you money on utilities. With a programmable thermostat and sensors, the system can sense when a door or window is left open too long and set back to energy savings mode. You’ll receive a notification on your smartphone and tell whoever’s home to shut the window or door. Once someone corrects the problem, the system resets back to the normal temperature.

You can also program the thermostat to set back while no one is home to save money. Then set it to return to a comfortable temperature right before the kids get home from school.

Image Sensors Let You Check In on the Kids After School

Want an unobtrusive way to check on the kids when they get home from school? Place an image sensor near the front door. These sensors contain a camera that activates when it senses motion. Now when the kids open the front door, the camera will take a smart clip and send it to your phone. You’ll know that they got home from school ok and if they brought anyone home with them.

Intelligent security solutions don’t just keep your family safe they save money and make household tasks easy. Consider adding some of these products to your smart security system if you don’t already have them.

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