Let Smart Home Security Help You Remember the Important Things This Fall

Let Smart Home Security Help You Remember the Important Things This Fall

Back to school time means frantic schedules, and it’s easy to forget things in the process. Smart home security makes your life easier by reminding you of the important things and helping you run your house efficiently.

Assign Unique User Codes

You always want to make sure that your kids get home from school safe. When you rely on house keys, it’s easy for the kids to lose them and hiding one outside is unsafe.

New security systems are more intelligent than their earlier counterparts. With smart locks, your security system allows you to assign each member of the family a unique access code so that they can get into the house. Create a user alert and the system notifies you when the kids let themselves in the house. You won’t have to worry anymore if your kids made it home or not after school.

Stay Safe with Security Reminders

Security reminders are an incredibly intelligent security system alert. Everyone forgets to lock the front door or shut the garage door occasionally when they are pressed for time in the morning.

Your alarm system allows you to set the alarm or shut the door without having to turn around and go back home. Simply tap the button on the alert that controls your locks and alarm remotely. You just secured your home with the touch of a button.

Create Alerts for Open Doors and Windows

You can save on energy when you create alerts for open windows and doors. Whether you’re home or away, its not uncommon for someone to come inside the house or leave the door ajar. Using contact sensors, you can set an alert so that the security system notifies you when someone leaves a door or window unsecured.

Combine that with a smart thermostat, and the system notifies the thermostat to set back to energy savings mode until someone closes the window or door. So, your security system not only protects your home but saves money on your electric bill as well.

These examples are just a few ways that an intelligent home security system alerts you to important safety issues and helps your run an efficient household. If you don’t have one yet, you’re missing out on enhancing your home’s security and streamlining everyday tasks.

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