The Scariest Home On The Block (For Burglars Anyway)

The Scariest Home On The Block

Halloween’s full of spooks, zombies, and black cats galore, but the creepiest thing lurking in the dark is a burglar. But you know what scares burglars and vandals? Getting caught. A smart home security system is the cause of nightmares for criminals and makes them take their business elsewhere. Here are a few ways to spook a burglar or miscreant.

1.     Burglars Get Spooked at Being Watched

Burglars like to work secretly in the dark. If anyone comes to your home, they’ll have the eerie feeling of being watched like the haunted paintings in Halloween cartoons that seem to have eyes. Why? Because you have security cameras watching your property.

The security camera is the modern-day version of the creepy painting. Security cameras monitor what’s going on around your home and record clear footage when anyone comes close to your house. Surveillance footage is simple to download and share with law enforcement if needed for criminal investigations.

2.     Signs Warn Burglars that Danger’s Ahead

In scary movies, people always miss the warning signs that a threat looms ahead. The signs in your yard or decals on windows that display your alarm service provider warn criminals that someone is always watching your home, whether you’re there or not.

That’s certainly an omen that they should leave before trouble starts. No wonder 83 percent of convicted offenders in a UNC at Charlotte study said that they tried to determine if there was a security camera at homes they targeted for burglaries. Sixty percent said that they chose another residence if their original target had an alarm system.

3.     The Adams Family Needed a Video Doorbell

You rang? Let’s face it. Criminals usually aren’t the most intelligent. However, they do ring doorbells to check if someone is home. If someone answers, they simply make up an excuse and move onto the next house.

video doorbell lets you answer your door no matter where you are. You’ll receive an alert on your smartphone when someone rings it. You just open up the notification, and you can speak to and see the person through the speaker and camera in the doorbell. The intruder can’t see you, and they have no idea that you’re sitting at your desk at work.

If you’re ready to scare off criminals from your home, contact Wain security today for a customized security plan. Burglars will steer clear of your home because security systems scare them as much as being caught in the act.

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