Smart Home Video Surveillance and Security Camera Basics For Beginners

Smart Home Video Surveillance

Smart home security systems let you monitor your home and property no matter where you are. But you may be intimidated if you’re new to smart home security cameras and video. There are several things you need to know to pick the right system and equipment for your family’s needs.

What Makes a Video Camera Smart?

Unlike traditional security cameras, smart video cameras let you watch what’s going on at home from anywhere via the app on your smartphone. You can make sure the kids got home from school okay and see if they brought visitors with them, all from your desk at work.

Most intelligent security cameras have motion sensors that record activity when triggered. Alerts keep you in the know with what’s happening at home when you’re not there. Motion triggers the camera to take a smart video clip, then the system sends it to your phone in an alert. The video footage is available to view any time so you can watch it right away or look at it on the cloud later.

What Are You Using the Camera for?

Do you want to purchase a security camera to protect your property or just check in on your dog? The answer to these questions helps guide you through buying what type of connected camera you want. Other things to consider include:

Can the Camera You’re Looking at Consider Context?

Smart cameras today can differentiate between people and objects. You can program the system to send alerts on the activity that you want to monitor while saving unnecessary activity to review later. You don’t want to get excessive alerts every time the dog and kids run around the house.

Will You Also Have 24/7 Monitoring?

Phone alerts are excellent, but you may not receive the notification in time to intervene and call for help if you’re in the gym or a meeting. If you’re out of the area, calling 911 won’t help because the phone system will route you to the emergency services where you’re calling from. You’ll waste precious time looking for the right number to call.

24/7 monitoring means there’s always someone watching your home whether you’re asleep or on vacation. All security incidents are routed to a central monitoring station where a trained agent will assess the situation and whether it’s a true emergency or not. Then they’ll dispatch emergency services before you’re even aware of what’s going on. You’ll receive alerts too, so you can take appropriate action.

Smart security cameras and video surveillance add an extra layer of security to your property. To get help making a decision, contact Wain Security so you can choose the right cameras for your home security system.

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