Amazing Smart Home Gifts This Holiday Season

Smart Home Gifts

Look for gift ideas for the smart homeowner who has everything? What about a popular smart speaker or other connected devices for a fun new way to interact with their home? Here’s a brief look at some popular smart connected devices that make a smart home even better.

Digital Device for Your TV

Devices such as the Apple TV console or the Amazon Fire Stick let you stream your favorite shows while also checking outwhat’s going on around the house. You can download your security system app and view a camera feed right on your TV. You can even view up to four feeds at a time. Use your remote to go to the app on your television and see what’s happening instantly.

Smart Watch

The Apple smartwatch lets you control your home easily using your security app. The taptic feedback allows you to feel alerts as you receive them from your smart home system. You can control some parts of your security system with just a single tap on your watch. Controlling your smart home through your watch provides an intuitive awareness that nothing else can. Being able to control your home all from your wrist makes your smart home even more convenient.

Smart Speakers

Today’s smart speakers does more than just play music. Amazon Echo, Apple Homepod, and Alexa let you control your entire home and check your alarm status. You can ask them for the weather, time, or what the capital of Germany is. These speakers will even tell you what time the movie you’ve been dying to see is playing. Whatever name you call your system just tell the speaker “Ask my system to” followed by the desired action.

Arm your alarm with these speakers, lock the front door, and even change the temperature in the house without ever getting up out of your seat.

These speakers are an excellent addition to any smart home security system, and they allow people to perform even more actions than ever before without lifting a finger. It’s the perfect present for someone who wants to make there home more efficient and streamline household tasks.

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