Important Campus Security Measures Every School Should Implement

Important Campus Security Measures Every School Should Implement

A safe environment for students, staff, administrators, and faculty is of the utmost importance to campus security departments. Here are some security measures used today to increase safety and security on college and university campuses.

1.     A Mass Notification System

Mass notification systems disseminate critical information quicker to more people than previous communication methods. Campus security and administration utilize these systems to warn students, faculty, and staff of violent events. Included in these events are active shooter incidents and fires as well as severe weather alerts.

2.     Gunshot Detection Systems

Gunshot detection security systems save precious lives if an active shooter incident occurs on your campus. Don’t think that it can’t happen to you. You must plan for the inevitable. This equipment detects gunfire, automatically turns on surveillance cameras in the area, and immediately sends alerts to campus or local police and other first responders. It drastically reduces the response time of critical resources and law enforcement to active shooter events.

3.     Intelligent Video

Smart cameras take video surveillance to the next level because now they can identify activity patterns in the area, objects, people, and suspicious activity. The technology includes facial recognition that recognizes people who shouldn’t be on campus. It also immediately detects vandalism or theft of campus property.

4.     Access Control

Access control systems are vital to the security of students in dorms and people in campus buildings. These systems provide many options to help customize the perfect solution for your unique campus. They add an additional layer of security, especially in areas where crime is more prevalent.

ID cards, swipe cards, keypads, and key fobs grant access to authorized people only, nearly eliminating unauthorized access to buildings on campus. Guarded security gates are also an excellent access control option. They include checkpoints and perimeter fences where people can only enter with a valid vehicle decal.

These are just a few security measures universities and colleges can use to make their campuses more secure. Contact your security integrator for more options and additional information on integrating your security.

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