What Is Gunshot Detection Technology?

What Is Gunshot Detection Technology?

According to rand.org, there were 371 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2015. Mass shootings are becoming more prevalent every year. A shooting incident takes an environment from calm to chaos in mere seconds, and innocent lives are at stake. Finally, technology provides a solution to help first responders and administrators respond more quickly and efficiently to the location of the gunfire.

Innovative Gunshot Detection Systems

Many hotels, cities, border areas, airports, large venues, and universities use gunshot detection analytics today. The software combines audio detection of gunshots with infrared gunshot flash detection for the most accurate gunfire detection technology available today.

These systems have undoubtedly saved the lives of many. Safety directors report that the technology has completely changed how they respond to violent active shooter events. Employees and staff receive alerts for problems long before phone calls or alarm activations. Gunshot detection has drastically cut down the response time for law enforcement and other first responders.

Combine the technology with mass notification systems like many universities utilize and you can send out warnings notifying people to stay away from where the gunfire was detected. Some agencies using the technology claim that the audio analytics allowed them to determine the type of firearm and how many shots the intruder fired.

Benefits of Gunfire Detection

Many cities say that the gunshot detection technology is much quicker than 911 calls and far more reliable, especially in areas where people are hesitant to report incidents.

The systems do more than just locate where gunfire is coming from. The technology is being used by municipalities to identify people illegally possessing firearms. Some investigations stemming from information that the system provides have helped locate suspects with outstanding warrants.

Types of Gunshot Detection Systems

There are several types of detection systems available. They include:

  • Mobile
  • Indoor
  • Fixed
  • Outdoor

The most popular systems now are fixed and outdoor.

Gunshot Detection Analytics and Other Technology

Gunfire detection systems work well with other technology to take security to the next level. Equipment such as video surveillance provides a visual of the incident location and can even show the suspect. Install cameras in high crime areas or places where problems persist, and you have a powerful security solution to reduce crime.

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