Risk Assessment: Mitigate Your Campus Risks with a Security Plan

Risk Assessment: Mitigate Your Campus Risks with a Security Plan

Developing a security plan is critical for the safety of students, staff, and faculty on college and university campuses. Every campus must be aware of their vulnerabilities to create a successful security plan. Because each school is unique, there isn’t one model that fits every campus.

Common Challenges for Campus Security

Protecting multiple buildings, thousands of people, remote parking lots and garages as well as wide-open spaces requires a multi-layered approach. You must also consider protective factors for people, the community, and institution as well as environmental risk factors when developing your security plan. Failure to consider these elements could lead to devastating consequences.

Advanced security technology allows for the integration of multiple security systems to provide the best protection. Consult your security integrator to bring a fresh eye to campus risk assessment. They’ll identify problem areas that campus security staff can easily overlook on a day to day basis.

Campus Risk Assessment Checklist

Before you start your security plan, your integrator will complete a risk assessment. This assessment will provide you with valuable information for your plan such as campus weaknesses and strengths. It takes several days to complete but its well worth the wait. The risk assessment is essentially a blueprint for your plan, and helps you save money and resources in the long run. Then you’ll start creating your plan considering the following elements:

  • Outdoor landscaping, fencing, and lighting- Eliminate potential hiding places for contraband and criminals
  • The area surrounding the campus- Can nearby traffic patterns and businesses affect the campus?
  • Large stadiums on campus, large venues, arenas, and athletic fields- What does a policy for access control, internal patrol, and perimeter security necessitate?
  • Parking lots and garages- Are all entry points monitored by surveillance cameras? Is there adequate lighting throughout the area?
  • Electronic Systems- Are all of your systems and solutions integrated such as intrusion solutions as well as video surveillance and access control?
  • Dorms- Do the dorms on campus have access control, and is this solution working for your campus?
  • Security procedures and policies- Where are the most significant threats and vulnerabilities?

Refer to this checklist and the risk assessment when creating your security policy. Upgrade or integrate any security systems that your integrator advises for maximum protection of your campus.

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