Moving This Summer? Take Your Alarm System with You

According to NerdWallet, about 60 percent of individuals who file their taxes this year can expect to receive a refund. According to the same report, the average tax refund is $2,697. If you have a big goal in mind for your tax refund, that amount can probably help you reach it. What if your goal is to move this spring? A tax refund can certainly help.

Taking Your Alarm System with You

If you are moving, you may wonder whether you can take your home security system with you. The answer is yes, you can – but the best case scenario for taking your system to your next home is one in which you are taking advantage of the most current technology. That means residential burglar alarms connected to monitoring via broadband internet or digital phone, with a cellular backup to replace outdated cables and wires. Wireless systems are easy to move from one residence to another – but if you’re still using a hardwired, POTS home security system, then your move gives you a great opportunity to upgrade to wireless.

How to Move Your Alarm Monitoring Service

When a home security customer moves, it’s critical that the provider of the service is aware of the circumstances. As your home security company, we need to know that you are taking your system with you and planning to resume monitoring services at your new address. And of course, we need to know what that address is. All it takes is a phone call to our customer service department; from there, we can guide you to the next step.

Why This is the Time to Upgrade

We understand that some customers enjoy their traditional POTS alarm monitoring service. While we still happily service your traditional system, we encourage you to use your move as an opportunity to upgrade. Wireless alarm monitoring is more secure, more convenient and more reliable than POTS. An intruder can’t cut your wire if there isn’t a wire to cut — and cellular backup ensures that the monitoring center receives your signal even if there’s a storm, power outage or disaster.

In your new home, you can enjoy better home security. Cleveland area families interested in learning more can contact Wain Security. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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