How Do Fire Alarm Inspections & Testing Work?

In an emergency, it’s essential that your fire alarm system operates the way it was designed.

You count on your fire alarm system to help protect your personnel and property. However, you can’t tell if a fire alarm system is functioning properly just by looking at it. While being one of the most important systems in a building, fire alarm systems are also generally one of the most neglected. Harsh environments, dust, dirt, remodeling, improper maintenance and system age can all affect the operability and reliability of the system. Without proper Testing and Inspection you may not know how, or if, your system will function properly until an emergency happens.
In addition to maintaining proper levels of protection, proper Testing and Inspection can help reduce the expense of emergency repairs and costly false alarms. Wain Security provides Testing and Inspection services that ensure your fire alarm system continues to operate the way it was designed.

What Are the Benefits of Fire Alarm Systems Testing & Inspection?

System operation and integrity
A malfunctioning fire alarm system can result in the loss of life and property.

Owner Liability
Testing of all fire alarm systems is mandatory. While it is up to the local fire authority to enforce these mandatory requirements, it is the responsibility of the owner to follow the law. In the event of an actual fire the consequences of an untested or improperly maintained fire alarm system can be severe.

False Fire Alarm Reduction
Poorly maintained fire alarm systems are prone to false alarms. Untested or poorly maintained system can result in:

  • False alarm fines, which can be significant.
  • Loss of productivity by evacuated employees.
  • Loss of confidence in the fire alarm system by staff.
  • Unnecessary response of fire department resources.

Fire Protection Security

When it comes to fire, seconds count. Whether you are at work or offsite, a  fire protection system detects the first signs of danger and prevents loss of life and property damage.
In the event that smoke or fire are detected at your business, sirens immediately alert building occupants of the danger and the system send an urgent signal to our Central Station operators who quickly dispatch the fire responders to extinguish the fire and move occupants to safety.

All fire protection systems are monitored by our UL-listed Central Station. Our experts work with you to ensure that your business meets local fire code requirements and tests your system regularly to ensure it is working properly.

Wain Security offers the following fire protection solutions:

  • Monitored fire protection systems, including smoke and heat detectors, prevent loss of life and property.
  • Sirens sound an alert warning occupants of the danger and move them to safety.
  • Addressable fire zones pinpoint the source of the fire to help fire fighters extinguish it quickly.

Fire Alarm Testing & Inspections

Local Fire Code requires building owners to maintain and test the fire alarm monitoring systems every 12 months and every five years with no local fire department notification. Furthermore, testing must be performed by a certified and licensed fire alarm service technician to provide the system certification label.

Wain Security offers a service program for periodic inspection, testing and maintenance, which conforms to:

  • AHJ
  • Specific manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and inspections
  • Annual alarm system testing
  • NFPA code requirements

Our fire alarm service technicians are Licensed professional, according to local fire department codes. When Wain Security tests your system, the proper paperwork will be sent to the fire department making sure your fire alarm system remains in constant compliance with local fire alarm code.

Life Safety Code Inspections

The Life Safety Code or NFPA 101 is a standard that is the basis for most local fire codes and is updated on a three-year cycle. The standards come from the study and analysis of prominent fires that cause loss of life. Because of this ongoing research and analysis and new technologies the Life Safety standards are continually updated and apply to existing and new structures.

Having an all-inclusive Fire safety plan will save lives in the event of a fire.

  • Update the fire alarm system as needed to meet code and address any changes in risk
  • Have a comprehensive monitoring system for your fire alarm
  • Create and regularly execute company wide fire drills
  • Maintain properly marked and operating fire doors
  • Keep all hallways leading to exits and doorways clear and unobstructed
  • Have the alarm system checked every 12 months in accordance with local fire codes and by a certified fire alarm technician
  • Properly dispose of combustible waste materials and remove daily
  • Institute a document backup plan and store information at a secure off site location

We are dedicated to exceeding life safety fire alarm system regulatory compliance by following NFPA guidelines and staffing NICET certified design engineers and fire and security installation technicians, who are industry leaders in fire alarm monitoring system installation and maintenance procedures.

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